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Bulls Eye Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook advertisements. Our number one priority is the success of your business. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with well-strategized marketing channels that builds your brand into an impactful, conversion-based operation. Modern businesses struggle with the right placement, content, and structure of their Facebook ads. These types of marketing ventures are essential to building a brand that is known for your attention to customer demand and careful marketing tactics that clients look for. Professional Facebook ads don’t have to be difficult to use. Bulls Eye Marketing provides fast, powerful media advertising so that you can take over your competition’s outreach faster than ever.

What are your business objectives?

Building Awareness

Throughout the Building awareness stage, it is essential to create outreach to as many potential customers as possible. You should be creating visually appealing posts that give interesting information about your brand so that viewers can easily tell what your business is about. Your optimized campaigns will be prioritized by Facebook in targeted user feeds and can be a key asset to building your customer outreach.

Web Traffic and Leads

One of the most essential parts of building your business’s online presence is through high volumes of web traffic and leads. Facebook advertising is meant to drive potential customer traffic to your landing page, website, or page on the App Store. Optimize your campaigns and easily generate leads by making your ads lead to an auto-fill form that can be quickly completed by your viewers so that more information is gathered fast.

Sales Conversion

If you’re looking to have your customers take immediate action, it’s important to grab their attention and lead them to a product or software trial page quickly. Through Facebook, you can optimize for very specific types of conversions such as sales, email newsletter sign-ups, registering for a course or an event. Each of these actions counts as a conversion and this is the ultimate goal for most businesses

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Why are Facebook Ads important?


Facebook advertising increases your leads, sales and revenue

It's true, Facebook advertising can drive consistent, high quality leads which in turn increases sales and revenue. However, most companies will waste thousands of dollars and see zero returns on ad spend, because they lack the time or experience to properly create and implement a Facebook advertising strategy. Therefore, our team of experienced Facebook advertising specialist will develop, manage and optimize your advertising campaign. We will perform split testing to see what working best for you, to ensure that you are getting the best returns on investment for your campaign. Also, by targeting the right audience and creating engaging content we can promise that your campaign will drive sales.


Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook

As of 2019 Facebook figures indicate that there are approximately 2.45 billion monthly active users and a whopping 1.62 million daily users! With 80% of internet users using Facebook, it doesn’t matter who your customer is, you can target your exact audience and engage them easily. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers uses it daily and can be directly targeted. Also, millions of businesses are using Facebook to engage their customers which means your competitors are using Facebook ads. Facebook has reported that approximately 6 million advertisers use their platform, which is evidence of how powerful Facebook advertising and engagement is for businesses. Facebook advertising is not only effective but vital in helping you remain competitive in the busy online marketplace.


Facebook advertising is cost effective, fast and measurable

There are many factors that determine Facebook advertising cost, some of those being target audience, Ad objective, Ad budget, and Ad quality. These factors can have varying impact on your audience size, Ad bids, Ad performance, engagement and the overall results of your Facebook advertising campaign. That’s why having our team in place to dial in on these key components and continuously optimize your campaign can create the most effective and inexpensive source of advertising for your company. More importantly, Facebook advertising results are almost immediate in comparison to other marketing channels. With the right strategy you could see significant results in the first month. Also, your results are measurable and real-time giving you the ability to track key performance indicators and adjust immediately. Therefore, some businesses can double, triple or quadruple business growth with Facebook advertising.

Why Choose Bulls eye Marketing?

Strong ROI Focus

ROI (Return on Investment) is an essential part of maintaining a well-structured, effective marketing operation. Unl​​​​ike most marketing channels, Facebook ROI goes beyond revenue. This ROI is based on your specific brand goals and should be monitored closely. Our team of social media experts is always there, tracking every metric and analytic of your campaign so that you are assured strong investment opportunities.​​​​​

Full-service Facebook Ad Management

Here at Bulls Eye Marketing, our goal is to provide full-service Facebook marketing so that your target audience is reached in the most efficient ways possible. We’ll set up and manage your campaign, design your ads, structure your budget, and split test ads so that your process is fully optimized, every step of the way.

Communication & Transparency

Our operation is based on a “no hidden fees, no hidden surprises” policy. Everything that we do for your campaign is presented to you first for approval. Our strategies are made and implemented with your assistance so that we can provide quality deliveries for all steps of your campaign’s process. We offer bi-weekly or monthly reporting on your ad accounts so that you have full access to a break-down of the progress of your digital marketing.

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What Can Bulls eye Marketing Do for You?

Strategy Development, Specific to Your Business

We start our process by getting a full understanding of your business. We take into consideration your brand, competitive analysis, and personal strategies to create a functional plan that is guaranteed to work for you.

Develop Engaging Content

After we develop a strategy with you, we’ll focus on media advertisement that will make your brand stand out as a unique option to competing businesses. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating powerful ad copy, images, and videos that engages your audience and creates an interest in your brand’s offers, products, or services.

Audience Targeting

We’ll work out the details of your target audience by leveraging Facebook data and lookalike modeling. We’ll run analytical tests that product results on your ideal customer, so less time is wasted on demographics that produce little to no conversions.

A/B Split Testing

We’ll run variation testing such as ad creation, headline, copy, and audience placement to determine which strategies work best for your campaign.

Performance Analysis & Optimization

Our process includes constant management and in-depth optimization so that your performance is tracked and optimized in every step of your campaign. We’ll determine the ads that work best for your target audience so that you’ll produce the best ROI and profit. 

Ad Campaign Management

Our team will assign you a dedicated social media manager that will help you to develop a strategy and execute it in the best ways possible. Our professional experienced combined with our creative methods of success allow us to provide the best strategies to reduce costs and increase your profits for high conversions and returns.


Our goal is to scale your most profitable campaigns in order to grow your operation and keep up a high ROI and profit margin. Our methods of tracking and data collection allow us to create advanced re-marketing campaigns to target audiences that have previously interacted with your content. These targeted individuals lead to high-value customers that make repeat purchases.

Reporting & Communication

Your personal social media manager will prepare bi-weekly or monthly reports that give you full access to data and analytics in regard to your campaign’s success. You’ll be able to communicate with our team via email or you can schedule a call at a time most convenient for you.

How Does It Work?


Learn About Your Business & Goals

Our team is committed to learning all about your brand, the market that you operate in, and the audience that will produce the most conversions. We’ll discuss business objectives in terms of Facebook key performance indicators (such as lead generation, sales, ROI, cost per purchase, return on ad spend, etc.).


Develop Your Strategy

Our social media experts will customize a personal strategy that is based on your professional objectives so that we can implement a plan to help you get there. We’ll help you meet your goals through targeted audiences and fine-tuned campaigns that work best for you.


Create Your Advertising Campaign

We’ll create your ad’s copy, images, and videos as a part of our proven digital marketing strategy. We are dedicated to executing your campaign in order to deliver better results to help you achieve your brand goals.


Optimize & Scale Your Campaign

Our team is prepared to constantly analyze your campaigns by testing variations and adjusting your ads to improve your performance. We’ll dig deeper into the processes that work best for your campaign and discard the processes that don’t perform as well for comparative progress.


Analyze & Report

We’ll provide bi-weekly or monthly reports for you to get a comprehensive understanding of your campaign’s analytics. Our social media experts will break down KPI, progress, and campaign objectives to better construct your ads.

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